Betsy Hiser Scholarship

The Elizabeth Hiser Memorial Nutrition Scholarship
This scholarship is intended to help a registered dietitian pursue education in order to enhance professional standing and knowledge of nutrition, nutrition education, or food science. The school or educational program may be located in Vermont or out-of-state but the dietitian must be a resident of Vermont. One scholarship will be awarded annually each May. 

 Elizabeth (Betsy) Hiser, M.S., R.D., was a nationally recognized dietitian and journalist. She received the American Dietetic Association media Excellence Award in 1998, and the Institute of Food Technologists Science Journalism Award in 1995. Betsy was the founding nutrition editor of Eating Well magazine, and her work was published in numerous magazines including Better Homes and Gardens and Vegetarian Times. She was author of the book "The Other Diabetes: Living and Eating Well with Type 2 Diabetes." Betsy was known for her creative ability to translate the technical science of nutrition into writing that was easily understood and interesting. The Vermont Dietetic Association is proud to honor Betsy's memory with a scholarship in her name.

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VAND Members who have received Betsy Hiser Scholarship

2016- Nicole Rohrig, RD, CD.  I have always been fascinated with the role of nutrition and wellness, particularly in disease prevention. As an outpatient dietitian, I find it incredibly rewarding to work with patients to help them meet their health goals. Dietetics is an ever-evolving science; continuing my education requires me to stay on top of the most relevant, evidence-based information to integrate into my practice.

Obtaining my master’s degree in dietetics demonstrates my commitment to the profession and will open more opportunities for me in the future. It is a crucial step in building the framework to start a private practice and stepping into the world of food journalism. The flexibility of the program has allowed me to continue working full time while taking online classes that are both interesting and beneficial to my work. Being awarded this scholarship would lessen the financial burden that comes with graduate school and would assist me in meeting my educational and career aspirations.

2013-Kimberly Evans RD CD Kimberley Evans recieved the Betsy Hiser scholarship to attend courses at Marlbaro College, graduate studies in healthcare leadership.  She presented at the 2014 VAND Annual Meeting on how to navigate the changing landscape and emerge as leaders.  She will be known for incorporating giant post-it notes in her presentation for audience participation.  She challenged us to rethink our roles and messages in the changing healthcare landscape. 

2009- Laura Biron MBA, RD, CD 
The 2009 Betsy Hiser Scholarship was awarded to Laura Biron, MBA, RD, CD. She  will use the funds to attend a five-day professional training in ‘Mindfulness Based Eating Awareness’ at the University of California, San Diego, Department of Medicine. Laura works in private practice and plans to use the skills learned in this training to help her clients change their relationship with food and eating, including overeating, binge eating and weight management.

2004- Molly Holland, MPH, RD, CD
2003- Joanne Heidkamp, RD
2002- Susan Coburn, RD

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